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April 10, 2010 will be remembered as the day this nation trembled.  On that Saturday morning 96 members of the government and military, including the President and his wife, all died in a plane crash near Smolensk, Russia. This tragedy has shaken every part of the country.  We grieve for those who died and we mourn with those who still live without their family members.  Poland needs your prayers as the new government has formed and transitioned into leadership.

Flooding occured 4 times between May and September 2010.  The economic and ecological impact is still unknown.  But the number of lives that were impacted was significant.  Please pray for this nation to call out to God in their time of need. They need to know Jesus as their personal Savior.


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Sorry about the video - we'll have it working again ASAP. This video about Poland was created by a former student who is now in South Africa.  Thanks Szczepan! 

"Someone going into Poland

could impact the entire nation"
Greg Mundis, Director of Assemblies of God World Missions

Poland is a country between communism and westernism. In the next ten years we could see widespread revival, or the culture will deteriorate into the godless postmodernism of the rest of Western Europe. The strong presence of the Catholic Church kept communism from destroying the country, but its influence on the younger generations is waning. There is a need and desire for a real relationship with Jesus, not a cold and formal religion. In addition, 33% of Polish adults are chemically dependent.  Only the power of God can change a nation.


 (Giving Communion at the Funeral of Pope John Paul II, Krakow, April 2005)

Quick Stats

Population: 39 Million people (312 people/sq. mile)

                 65% are under 35

                 75% of adults are students

Students & Campuses:
1,600,000 students - 346 campuses

Pentecostal Church:
21,212 adherents in 217 churches


"In 1977 a television company invited me to go to any exotic place in the world to shoot a documentary, and I astonished them by choosing without hesitation: 'Poland.' When they asked why, I replied: 'If you look at its geographical and ideological position, you'll see that it must become a focal point in the next decade.'"

           - - James A. Michener in "POLAND"

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