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Prayer has been the spark that has started revival in every generation. It is no different today. Poland needs our prayers. We need to pray that the strong man would be bound, and the light of the gospel would go forth to all corners of the country!

Personally, we need continual prayer for:

  • Protection and health - many missionaries in Europe face spiritual attacks on their health.

  • Wisdom and guidance - campus ministry in Poland is not the same as in America.

  • Discernment and effectiveness - we want to recognize and implement God's program and methods.

  • Relationships - not only within our family and marriage but also for strong, lasting relationships with the people in Poland. 

  • Language Acquisition - Polish is a difficult language and we still need prayer to be able to speak it well. We need to be understood and we need to understand what we are hearing and reading.  We are functional, but not yet fluent.

  • Favor with God and man - We don't want to be seen as the "American Experts", but as the ones God has called to come alongside and help.

Poland, also needs your prayer for:

  • Pentecostal Church: purposeful leadership development, spiritual vitality and righteousness.

  • Young people to have a missions-mindedness for Christ.

  • Awakening within the Catholic church for real relationship with Jesus, not just religion and empty tradition.

  • The Catastrophe in the days after the terrible plane crash in April 2010 that claimed the lives of the President and his wife and 94 others who were the political, military, financial and cultural elite. Pray for God to heal this land; use the believers for hope; and  accomplish His purposes in this nation.  Even in 2012 this is still a news item as accusations and conspiracy theories abound.

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