Hobbs 4 Poland

Our ministry is really not about us as much as it is about Jesus.  However, our philosophy is, if you know what is going on you will know how to pray.  And if you are a supporter, you will know how good of steward you are being - by seeing how your money is being invested.

That said, here are our birthdays:

   Sara - January 26

   Curt - February 18

   Daniel - February 22, 1998

   Beth - July 28, 1995

Anniversary - May 29, 1993

We do appreciate those who remember us with cards and letters.  We'll try to respond to your card/letter.  We communicate very quickly via email.  If we have your email already (or if it is attached to the card/letter) we can let you know much sooner that we have received your card/letter and thank you for it. 

(Suggestion for missionary kids -not just ours. When sending birthday, Christmas or Valentine's cards, insert a few stickers, a small notepad or a pack of Kool-Aid.  This does not increase the cost of mailing the card and it increases the kids' feelings of being specially remembered.)

Boys & Girls Missionary Crusade